Thursday, October 29, 2009

White House War Boosts FOX

It's no surprise. Heck, it may even have been part of the White House's plan to galvanize its left wing base. Either way, the decision by Barack Obama and his administration to declare war on FOX News has had the inevitable effect of boosting the already dominant network's ratings even more.
According to numbers from Nielsen Media Research, in the two weeks prior to the launch of the White House's offensive against FOX by Communications Director Anita Dunn on October 11,  FOX was averaging 1.2 million viewers per day and 323,000 viewers in the coveted Adult 25-54 demographic.
In the two weeks since Dunn's remarks (and the subsequent comments by Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, and President Obama himself) FOX's total average daily viewership surged 9% to over 1.3 million, while its viewership among Adults 25-54 shot up 14%.
Also not surprisingly, FOX continued its ratings dominance in October. The top 13 rated shows represent FOX's entire lineup except the 3am show Red Eye, which is still pulling in more viewers than MSNBC's premier morning show, Morning Joe. Meanwhile, CNN and MSNBC recorded their lowest ratings of the year through the first three weeks of this month.
In particular, CNN is in the midst of what looks to be a total ratings collapse. CNN's average daily viewership among all households through the first twenty one days of October was just over half of what it was in January. The former cable heavyweight now ranks dead last among cable news networks - behind even its sister network Headline News.

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